JFP Cartooning

These are just a few of Mike Day's editorial cartoons and his cover art that appeared in the Jackson Free Press between 2011 and 2013.


"What Day It Is"

"Passing The Torch"

"Carnac Phil"

"2013 Football Season"

"High Interest"


"Problem Solved"

"Rock Bottom"

"Dark Cloud"

"China Steps In"

"Big Shoes"


"Best Lion"

"Worried Birds"

"Carnival Triumph"

"Eric Smith"

"Low Life"

"2012 Football Season"


"Made Of Money"

"Being Green"

"Hal & Mal"

"No Problem"

"Ask Her"


"Operation Shoestring"

"Plan C"

"Removing Guns"

"Wrong Bait"

"The Problem"

"Radical Muslims"

"Boston Marathon"

"Saggy Pants"

"Carnival Survivor"

"Watch Your Step"


"Guns In Church"

"Wolf Roast"

"Drawing The Line At Ole Miss"

"Charter Schools"

"Map Of Holland"

"Fiscal Cliff"

"Hatching Hope"

"Art Movements"

"Now Serving"

"Can Of Worms"

"Tricle Down"

" Makeover"

"Election Re-Do"

"Controlling Christmas"

"Take My Wife"

"GOP Land Lside"

"Still Waiting"


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