USM vs. Tulane (first sports cartoon)

USM vs. Memphis State
These are some of the cartoons from the Hattiesburg American and other newspapers featuring various college games between 1979 and 1982. The USM vs. Tulane drawing above was the first sports themed cartoon. It was done by request from the Sportswriter that covered USM athletics and the concept took off from there.

USM vs. Tulane Green Wave

USM vs. Louisiana Tech

USM vs. East Carolina Pirates

USM vs. Arkansas State Indians

USM vs. Alabama

USM vs. Lamar Cardinals

During football season, many of these USM cartoons were attached to the car windows of students and alumni driving to the games. The coaches posted his cartoons on the bulletin board in the athletic dorm as extra motivation for the players.
Mike also created original artwork for several of the official game programs.

Official Game Program

USM vs. Ole Miss Rebels

Official Game Program

USM vs. Auburn Tigers

USM vs. Richmond Spiders

USM vs. Mississippi State Bulldogs

Louisville Cardinals vs. USM

USM vs. Tulane

Bonnie & Clyde's game day ad

Waldoff's Department Store full page ads (restored from the originals)

click here for the un-restored image

USM vs. Southwestern Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns

Ole Miss vs. Florida

MSU vs. Florida Gators

Missouri vs. Mississippi State

Response to Ole Miss fan's letter (read the letter here)

Ole Miss vs. Arkansas

USM vs. Alabama (game recap video.)

USM vs. Louisville

USM vs. Mississippi State (Game recap video.)

USM beats MSU 1977, 78, 79, 80 & 81

Memphis State vs. Ole Miss

USM vs. Alabama

Mississippi State vs. Miami Hurricanes

USM vs. University of Texas Arlington Mavericks

Mississippi State vs. Colorado State Rams

USM vs. North Texas State

Ole Miss vs. Tulane

USM vs. Mississippi State

USM vs. Memphis State

MSU vs. Auburn Tigers

Mississippi State vs. USM

Mississippi State vs. Memphis State Tigers

Mississippi State vs. Alabama

Ole Miss vs. South Carolina Gamecocks

Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss

Alabama vs. Rutgers

USM vs. Florida State Seminoles (Game recap video.)

USM vs. Louisville

USM vs. Tulane

USM vs. Louisville

USM vs. Southwestern Louisiana
USM on probation, no postseason game

USM vs. Alabama
The last SportsArt cartoon (Game recap video.)

And nearly 30 years later, in 2011...

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